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Special Programs

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What should I do if I think my child may have a disability or learning problem?
If you are concerned your child may have a disability, you should contact our counselor, Gladys Hubbard, at 832-668-8391. She will conference with you about your child’s situation and the different types of services that are available. Examples of programs include special education and speech therapy, and accommodations under Section 504 of the 1974 Disabilities Act. If you feel your child might require any of these, you can request that a referral be initiated. Information regarding your child would be gathered and sent to a committee to determine if further testing is warranted.

What services are available for children who have English as a second language?
Students whose dominant language is Spanish are placed in bilingual classes and receive English instruction for a portion of every school day. Children who speak languages other than Spanish are placed in a regular classroom that is taught by a certified ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher. This teacher has received specialized training on how to assist the child in developing English language skills. Some Spanish speaking students who also speak English are placed in these ESL classes as well.