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Visiting the School

Is it ok to eat with my child?

All parents are welcome to eat breakfast with us at any time!  Breakfast is served from 7:15 a.m. until 7:40 a.m. each morning.  All students receive breakfast and lunch at no charge.  Unfortunately, because of our growing enrollment, we cannot accommodate guests at lunch.  Our students enjoy visiting with their classmates during lunch and their time is very limited, so our "Student Only" lunch policy works very well for them!  There will be opportunities throughout the year for parents to visit with their students.
How would I go about picking up my child during the school day?
First, please check your child out during the day only when it is absolutely necessary. Believe it or not, we have so much to teach that instruction must go on until the very end of the day. You can help by making appointments after school hours whenever possible, and avoid checking out a child simply as a convenience factor. However, if you do need to check your child out of school, you must do this through the office. You will need to present your I.D. every time you check your child out.  The only people who may pick up your child are those you authorized on the Student Release form.  Let the office staff know you need your child to be sent to the office, sign your child out on the appropriate form, and please have your driver’s license or some other form of photo ID ready. Under no circumstances should parents report directly to the classroom and try to take the child without going through the office.
My child’s birthday is coming up. Can I have a party in the class, bring a cake for lunch, or send flowers to school that day?
The district Student Handbook specifically states that parties, refreshments, or flowers/balloons for student birthdays are not allowed. In fact, this policy applies to any sort of special occasion or celebration. This may seem strict, but think of it this way: we have over 350 students in our school, and that many celebrations would amount to an unreasonable number of disruptions. In order to protect the instructional program, we simply cannot allow it.