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Mission and Goals

Learn to Play, Play to Learn

Deer Park Early Childhood Center Mission:
To provide appropriate instructional practices that will foster growth and development for young learners in Deer Park ISD.
Vision Statement:

All children who graduate from the Early Childhood Center will be ready for Kindergarten.
Value Statement:
Young children learn best through play. At the Early Childhood Center, education begins with teaching appropriate skills and expectations first and then academic concepts through play; this is where our motto, Learn to Play, Play to Learn is derived. Our school utilizes a collaborative approach where children, teacher, parents, paraprofessionals, therapists, and administrators work as a team to provide a support network for the success of all children.
  1. Build a diverse learning community that invites everyone to be both teachers and learners
  2. Respect the dignity, character and family culture of each child
  3. Allow children to question, explore and develop at their own unique rates, and to be active partners in the learning process
  4. Help each child move towards their own potential for social, emotional, intellectual and physical growth
  5. Act as a resource and support to children and families during these important early learning years in their transition
  1. from home to school
  2. from early intervention programs to Kindergarten and beyond