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Prospective Volunteers in DPISD Schools

Deer Park Independent School District

Deer Park, Texas 77536

TO: Prospective Volunteers in DPISD Schools

For some time, it has been the policy of the Deer Park Independent School District to conduct criminal history checks on all applicants for employment in the school system. Because the safety and security of our students is of primary importance to us, we believe it is necessary to know that those who come into contact with our children are free of past criminal convictions. We believe every parent can understand why the district takes this precaution.

DPISD checks the criminal history records of applicants for volunteering in the schools just as we do for employee applicants. This action is provided for in Texas state law (

Texas Education Code § 22.083). Volunteers, just as teachers and other employees, come into direct contact with students. For the school system to be able to assure its parents that every precaution is being taken to protect the safety of each child, we believe this procedure is necessary.


Volunteers are always needed in our schools. For this reason, we encourage you to complete the attached application. It is necessary that you do so to volunteer in one of our schools. We hope you will not be offended by the district’s cautionary action, and we also hope you will understand that it is done to ensure the well-being of Deer Park students.

DPISD is extremely grateful and appreciative of the good work that volunteers do. They extend the instruction services beyond what one teacher or one staff member can do. Without a doubt, students benefit from the school volunteer program. We hope you will be a part of this important school program.

If you have any questions at all about the criminal history check or about the volunteer program in Deer Park schools, please call Matt Lucas at 832-668-7030.



All chaperones and field trip attendees must also complete this form.

Only one form per campus needed, regardless of number of children attending that campus